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Interior Design Tips!

–with Trina Genge’

What type of flooring is the best for you?

Flooring textures

If it is time for you to replace your flooring, have you selected what type of flooring you like? There are a lot of factors when choosing the right type of material for your space. First consider “traffic flow,” we will choose something that wears well, for example, a low pile carpet versus high pile carpet.

Have your considered or do you know the differences, pros/cons for LVP, engineered hardwood, and solid hardwood? If you are doing flooring for a batchroom, consider tile, also look into heated flooring. Do you know what a “wear layer” is for LVP flooring? Are you awaof the process and finish of engineered hardwoods? Face you branched away from solid hardwood? There is a lot of factors that come into play when replacing the flooring in your home or buiness. Be minful and make smart shoices.

Stop by our showroom in Stanwood next to QFC and take a look at different samples and color of flooring. Not only can you see the sample, you can get product information and pricing.

Looking for the perfect flooring for your space? Consider these factors: traffic flow, durability, and material type. Explore the pros and cons of different flooring options such as:

Stop by our showroom in Stanwood next to QFC to see different samples and colors of flooring. Not only can you view the samples, but our knowledgeable staff will provide you with product information and pricing.

Make mindful and smart choices for your flooring needs. We’re here to help!