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Interior Design Tips!

–with Trina Genge’

What is a design render and what is it used for?

Design renders are also called digital designs or 3D models. What are they for?

Exterior changes include landscaping, additions, siding, doors, windows, decks, garages, and exterior visual aids.

Interior changes include:

  • Furniture placement.
  • Virtual staging.
  • Kitchen and bathroom design.
  • New build.
  • Conceptual floor plan layout.
  • Color and finish selection. 

If you need a 2D or 3D rendering for anything interior, exterior, or landscape, contact Elite and ask for Trina (360) 939-0346.

The rendering is scaled to feet and presented in high definition for a real-life look. Let’s change furniture placement, redo your kitchen and floor, and remodel your bathroom!

Explore the world of design renders and their transformative capabilities for your home. From exterior landscaping to interior furniture placement and kitchen design, discover how 2D or 3D renderings bring your vision to life. Embark on a journey of creating your dream space with these immersive visualizations. Learn more about design renders and their applications here and unlock the potential of your home!