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Interior Design Tips!

--with Trina Genge'

Stained or Painted Kitchen Cabinets

I often get asked, ""Are white cabinets still in?" I say yes, however. have you considered going an opposite route to generate a fresh crisp look without the traditional "" painted white"? Just becaue white has been desirable for decades does not mean it's the only top contender. Wood tones have lasted the tests of time.

Today, we have an anundance of options for cabinetry. Different types of wood species, door style, finish and color, and style. First and foremost, look that ties in with the natural elements of your home.

Mixed Textures

If you are shopping for a small vanity or entire kitchen cabinet package, I can assist you in making mindful and sustainable choices for your home improvement project. From design and layout to finish selection and project management. Get professional advice and direction. Contact me for a consuantion.

At Elite Interiors and Design, we offer a diverse range of cabinetry brands to suit your style and preferences. Check out our selection of:

Each brand offers unique designs, finishes, and colors, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. 

In addition to cabinetry, we also provide an extensive range of other products to complete your dream kitchen. Explore our selection of decking, flooring, hardware, porcelain surfaces, quartz countertops, sinks & faucets, tiles, wallpaper, and window coverings. We proudly support leading brands such as Cali Decking, Aayers Flooring, Cambria Quartz, and Hunter Douglas.

Don't compromise on quality and style. Reach out for more information and to get started on your kitchen remodeling journey.